With so many booths competing for attention, how will your exhibit space be set apart on the tradeshow floor? Through a discovery meeting we take the time to understand your goals, your brand, and your audience.

From there, we start thinking creatively and use technological innovation to create an approach that is custom-built to serve your needs, connect with your audience, and set you apart on the crowded exhibit floor.

Exhibit Design & Fabrication


To offer you a one-stop-shopping experience, we are partnering with booth building experts when it comes to carpentry, metal, paint and plastics production, as well if printed graphics of all sizes, on any material are needed.


From LED walls, media production, video and projection mapping, VR, and AR to line-array lighting and sound systems, our team provides full project management, renderings, installation, onsite service, and technical expertise to help you create exhibit spaces that are innovative and impactful. Our team can provide you with the equipment and skillset to create a memorable tech-driven exhibit booth for your client.

General Services Contracting & Fabrication


We are partnering since many years closely with established booth builders to offer our customers a comprehensive full-service that include carpentry, metal, paint and plastics  production, as well as printing services of all sizes, and on any material.


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