What’s your comfort level with Hybrid events?

Encore has been specialising in hybrid and virtual event production since 2009.

In that time, we’ve walked many planners through their first hybrid planning experience.

Along the way, we’ve found that a successful hybrid event centres on a thoughtful strategy pre-event to post-event. That level of high-touch service can sound as though it’s attached to exorbitant costs. In actuality, we help you uncover any creative, production, or technology services that meet your budget needs while delivering the benefits of a hybrid event.

Key Drivers For Hybrid Event Success


Hybrid meetings bring people together from multiple locations in varying group sizes. A strategically planned environment creates a purposeful experience for in-person and remote attendees.

Important Considerations – safety, seating, lighting, décor, noise management, understanding your range of control.



Camera positioning, quantity of monitors, clear sight lines, options for displaying content, and post-event playback.

Important Considerations – video displays in strategic locations, sound checks, well-placed cameras, level-set expectations with your decision-makers and sponsors.



Whether you already have a platform you enjoy using or you want to use ours, we’ll help you discover ways to deliver impactful content.

Important Considerations – collaboration tools, polling, surveys, on-demand access, networking, gamification.



A stable robust network is critical. It’s good to have a backup plan and to know your bandwidth requirements for both in-person and remote presenters.

Important Considerations – scalability, network support, remote user connectivity, reliability.



Elevate the event experience with content development and different mediums.

Important Considerations – physical and digital branding and content fluidity, storytelling elements.


Project Management

Success hinges on a deliberate approach pre-event to post-event. Developing a project timeline to map out all components and details is critical.

Important Considerations – multiple presenters in varying locations, different time zones, focus tolerance of attendees, event production roles to consider.


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